Christmas & New Year

I hope you all have a good break over Christmas and are looking forward to new Explorer activities in the New Year. Thank you to everyone who participated in the recent events survey to help us offer the events you want to see on your programme in 2019.
This is just a reminder that there will be no Explorer meetings over the next few of weeks.
The first Explorer meeting in the new year will be Wednesday 16th January 2019, 1930-2130 at the HQ in the Laggar.
Have a great Christmas and New Year, and we will see you all on the 16th January.

Unit Notices – September

  1. Meeting this Wednesday is our last outdoor meeting for the term. We will be meeting at the Castle Combe bus station car park, 7pm – 9pm for a hike. Please drop off and collect from here.
  2. Wednesday 20th September will be our first meeting back indoors at the Scout HQ in the Laggar. NOTE: As from the 20th September the time of Explorer meetings is changing! – 7.30pm – 9.30pm. Please make sure whoever you rely on for a lift is aware of this!!
  3. Remember: September subs are now due. If you do not pay by direct debit and you have not already sent your payment it is essential that you do so ASAP. Our account details are 30-91-99, 00259203. Or you can pay on our website.
  4. Finally; may I request that if you have decided to leave the unit over the summer, and are planning to move on to other things, please let us know so that I can update our records.

Welcome back!

This is a reminder that Explorers has started back at the HQ at the usual time 7pm – 9pm. Bring along all your great ideas for trips and activities you would like to do over the next term at Explorers!
Remember! – If you do not pay your subs by direct debit, then your payment is due now. Please bring your payment along this evening, pay on the website ( or make a transfer for £40 to our bank account (30-91-99, 00259203).
If you would like to setup a direct debit for us to take your subs automatically in the future, please fill in the online mandate at

We need your help!

We need your help! – weneedyourhelp-bootsale2016
We have the opportunity to help raise valuable funds for the unit, by parking cars and collecting gate money at the Castle Combe car boot sale.
This is a fantastic fundraising opportunity, but we need your help to make it work. Our unit funds go towards things like equipment for the weekly programme, keeping the costs on camps and events as low as possible, and purchasing new equipment for the unit.
Sunday 2nd October
Gates need to be manned from 7am at Castle Combe Circuit
We expect to be finished around 12.30pm

We need as many helpers as possible; Explorers, Parents, Family Members.
Anyone who is free to lend a hand, if only for a couple of hours.
Feel free to just come along, and you will find leaders on both entry gates to the boot sale.
If you are able to come along, it would be great if you could please let us know by email, so we can ensure we will have enough hands.
If you are able to assist, but would need a lift from Corsham, please let us know, and we can arrange the minibus to transport volunteers from the Scout HQ.
Thank you!

Meetings at the lake

Just a reminder that Explorers starts back again tonight, at the lake, 7pm – 9pm.
Please come with some ideas of the activities you might like to do over the next few months whilst we meet outdoors.
Please also remember, unless you have paid online or pay by direct debit, your subs for this term are due by tonight please.
Cash should be in a named envelope, cheques payabale to Sea Squad ESU, or credit or debit card.

Unit Notices!

Just a reminder that September subscriptions are due to be paid now. Thank you to those of you who have already sent your payments.
If you have not yet sent in your payment please could you send your subs payment by one of the following methods:

  • Cheques payable to ‘Sea Squad ESU’.
  • Cash in a named envelope.
  • Bank transfer to our account:- AccNo: 00259203, Sort Code: 30-91-99
  • On our website at and click on online payments.
  • Credit or Debit card at Explorers

Term evening trips
You will note on our term programme that we have three evening trips lined up for this term.
We will be going ten pin bowling, visiting Freedog urban activity centre and a Christmas party at Boomerang soft play in Melksham!
These trips are now available for booking via our webiste.
Please go to and click on online payments to sign up!
Meeting attendance
At the moment we have a reasonable sized waiting list for people wishing to join the unit.
We also note that there are a number of you who we have not seen for a while!
We will be monitoring attendance at meetings over the next few months. If we do not see you at a meeting for three consecutive weeks, we may assume that you no longer wish to attend Explorers. If you are not able to make it to a meeting for any reason, please let us know in advance.
Personal Details Update
Thank you to everyone who has completed the personal details update online.
If you have not done this please could you follow the personal link in your email to update your personal record as soon as possible.

Meetings at the boathouse

With our first meetings at the boathouse coming up this term, it is important that you all note the following information;

  • ALL Explorers are to be dropped off for meetings at the dog walkers car park, next to the football club, and walk through the gap in the wall, and down the footpath to the lake.
  • Under NO circumstances, should Explorers be dropped off the the gate at Westrop lodge on Lacock road. This gate will be locked. You must not attempt to open it, nor climb over it.
  • Parents MUST NOT park on the roadside adjacent to the gate at Westrop lodge. You MUST park in the car park next to the football club.

Failure to follow these rules will put our use of the lake and boathouse area in jeopardy, and we will ask any Explorers / parents not following these rules to remove themselves from the unit.