Meetings at the boathouse

With our first meetings at the boathouse coming up this term, it is important that you all note the following information;

  • ALL Explorers are to be dropped off for meetings at the dog walkers car park, next to the football club, and walk through the gap in the wall, and down the footpath to the lake.
  • Under NO circumstances, should Explorers be dropped off the the gate at Westrop lodge on Lacock road. This gate will be locked. You must not attempt to open it, nor climb over it.
  • Parents MUST NOT park on the roadside adjacent to the gate at Westrop lodge. You MUST park in the car park next to the football club.

Failure to follow these rules will put our use of the lake and boathouse area in jeopardy, and we will ask any Explorers / parents not following these rules to remove themselves from the unit.

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