Gilwell 24

Gilwell 24 is a 24 hour event and 2016 will be our biggest and best yet, with 2,500 Explorers attending at Gilwell Park in London/Essex. Our next event takes place between 8th to 10th July 2016. Gilwell 24 is 24 hours of non-stop action! Can you stay awake for 24 hours? With over 70 activities across the site to keep you entertained – from fairground rides to bands and a huge disco, scuba diving, slack-lining to t-shirt upcycling and everything in between!
Can you also stay awake long enough to complete our Gilwell 24 Gauntlet Challenge in the middle of the night and make it through to the survivors photo?
In 2015 we started at 0900 on Saturday the 11th July and then we kept everyone fully entertained until 0900 on Sunday the 12th July. In addition we hosted the warm up pre-event on Friday the 10th July from 2000 with one of the stages and the fairground open to welcome those arriving on Friday
Here at the details of this years visit to Gilwell 24!
You can sign up online to reserve your place.