This Sunday we have been given the opportunity to undertake a fundraising opportunity at Sainsbury’s in Chippenham, by packing customers shopping for them.
In the past this has been a very successful opportunity for us, and we could make in excess of £1,000. There are 26 checkouts at Sainsbury’s and we aim to be able to man all of them on this busy day.
We therefore ask for your help, by offering as much of your time as you can afford to help us on Sunday. We will be there from 10am until 4pm.

2011 Christmas Party

This year our Christmas party will be at Cosmo restaurant in Swindon, followed by an overnight stay at the Scout HQ in Corsham. This will be taking place on Sunday 18th December.
The cost of our Christmas meal will be £22.50 per person which will include transport, meal and drinks at the restaurant, overnight stay and breakfast.
Dress code will be smart casual, and you will be expected to wear a Christmas-y hat!
We will meet at the Scout HQ at 1830hrs on Sunday, and you should be collected between 0900 and 1000 on Monday morning.

Remembrance Day Parade

This Sunday is Remembrance Day parade. We will be meeting in Corsham co-op car park at 1000hrs and the parade will be finished by 1215hrs, where you will be able to collect a drink and snack from the Royal British Legion.
Explorers are expected to attend the parade in FULL uniform. This includes Shirt, Necker and woggle, BLACK Trousers and Polished Black shoes. You will need to wear a poppy.


Why not help us out when doing your Christmas shopping this year?
Simply click on our banner below and register with easy fundraising. By finding your favourite online store on our easy fundraising page your supplier will make us a donation for each purchase you make online, at no extra cost to you!

Also, use EasySearch as your internet search engine and we will recieve a donation of 0.5p for each search you make! A very easy way to help us raise money! Be sure to use our EasySearch banner below and then use it for all of your internet searches!